Scholarships in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is unusual among Europe in that there are no tuition fees associated with any of the courses provided in Czech. For courses taught in English, there are additional fees to pay. However, it should be noted that learning Czech is given a high priority within universities and international students are able to take a year of Czech, combined with specific language required for the study of a chosen subject, prior to beginning the full degree course.
Profit from a scholarship in the Czech Republic
Profit from a scholarship in the Czech Republic


General situation in terms of scholarships

There is a wide variety of scholarships available for those wishing to study in the Czech Republic, either as a home student or as an international student. This is partly because scholarships, in many cases, replace grant schemes that would be found in other countries. Unfortunately, there is no central body coordinating these scholarships so it is up to the student to ensure that all funding avenues have been found.

Type of scholarships and granting institution

Scholarships are provided for study in the Czech Republic from a number of different awarding institutions. For postgraduate studies there are useful websites as European Funding Guide that will assist in finding both a postgraduate course along with suitable scholarship funding opportunities. Some scholarships are specific to the university being studied at, the topic of study and also the country of origin of the student.

Availability and conditions for getting a scholarship

Scholarships are very widely available for studying in the Czech Republic as there is no grant system for studying in the country. There are specific scholarship programmes for students from all around the globe. Many of these nation specific scholarships are based on very specific areas of study, particularly those in which Czech universities excel, such as medicine. Most also require students to take courses in Czech and so will involve adding in an additional year of study of the Czech language prior to the main course beginning. Conditions vary greatly for getting a scholarship, but most are based around academic excellence, assisting those from poorer backgrounds and encouraging international students to study in the Czech Republic.

Local scholarships for foreign students

There are very few local scholarships available for foreign students as there are so many scholarship opportunities provided by other organisations. However, there is one significant exception to this, and that is for students from developing nations who wish to come and study in the Czech Republic. This is a scheme run by the Government of the Czech Republic, but there are also scholarships available for students from developing countries from UNESCO.

Typical scholarships in the Czech Republic

Typical scholarships in the Czech Republic provide students with funding for accommodation, materials and travel for the duration of the course of study. This is usually for one part of the three part cycle of higher education offered in the Czech Republic, therefore for an undergraduate degree, a masters, or a PhD. Scholarships are available for all levels of study, particularly in medicine.