Top 5 scholarships that are not awarded on the basis of merit or need in the UK

The myth that scholarship recipients are either the most intelligent students with above-average performances or needy students is very popular. With the following scholarships we proof that myth wrong:
Scholarships in the UK
Scholarships in the UK

1. Milford Haven Port Authority Scholarship Scheme

The Milford Haven Port Authority is offering a £1,500 scholarship and a placement at the port authority. The requirement for this scholarship is that the student has completed the majority of his education in Pembrokeshire.

2. British Association Travel Fund

The British Association Travel Fund helps students attending the College of Science and Engineering at the university of Edinburgh travel to other locations to visit laboratories, museums and other locations of scientific importance. The travel is for additional study and cannot be connected directly to the curriculum.

3. Stirlingshire Educational Trust

In order to qualify for the Stirlingshire Educational Trust scholarship, the student must have lived in Stirlingshire for at least 5 years or have been born there.

4. Childcare Bursary

The scholarship assists attending student parents of the university of Cambridge. The bursary is available specifically if the student needs access to childcare and offers up to £1,500 per child per year.

5. The Silber Bequest

The Silber Fund offers financial support to students officially recognised by the UK government as being refugees. It is available for qualifying applicants looking to start a postgraduate course at the University of Edinburgh.