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University of Padua (Padua/Italy) - Prize "Barin - Cittadella"

General information on this award / prize

University of Padua (Padua/Italy)
Prize "Barin - Cittadella"

General Description

Università di Padova and Company "Barin S.r.L." issued 1 Scholarship. It is destined to deserving students enrolled in triennial and Master graduands in Mechanics or Mechatronics.


Candidates must be enrolled at Università degli Studi di Padova. Students in the first academic year, or after the first out-of-course year, can't apply. Candidates must have earned an amount of credits as established by announcement. Only italian citizens can be eligible. Candidates must produce an ISEE document lower than € 50,000. Candidates are not admitted, who went through penal sentences, or who have been found guilty of producing false documentation in order to achieve a Scholarship.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: