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Brunel University
Music Awards
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awards are open to both singers and instrumentalists.

General Description

This Award will allow its holder to get part of or all of the tuition fees of the music costs covered during their Brunel’s study. The Arts Centre offers many opportunities to perform as a member of one band or as an individual. Students will mostly participate in on-campus concerts, but sometimes they will perform within Hillingdon in addition to various annual events from the university. The auditions are held by the Arts Centre. Deadline for applying is on 19th September. You will be performing two contrasting pieces and there will be an opportunity for discussing your experience in. The award holders will be taking a full part of the university in the musical life. Instrumentalists will be performing two short movements or pieces of contrasting character; one of them or both have to be with piano accompaniment. Pianists will be performing two short movements or pieces of contrasting character. Singers will be performing two contrasting songs that on or both of them is going to be performed by piano accompaniment.


Every Brunel postgraduate and undergraduate student is eligible for applying for the Music Award audition excluding students who take music performance included in their academic course. The Music Awards can be awarded for both instrumentalists and singers. For applying, please contact including full name, Brunel’s course of study, voice and standard or instrument’s details, mobile phone number and home address then you will receive an audition time. Applicants have to make to Art Centre whenever possible including full details. Applicants have to have a standard equivalent for Grade 7 with the Associated Board.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: