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University of Plymouth - Vice-Chancellor’s Community Research Awards

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University of Plymouth
Vice-Chancellor’s Community Research Awards

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Sports men and women of Plymouth can benefit from sporting excellence scholarships. The Herald Sports Personality of the Year Awards is a joint effort between Plymouth University and local partners that are key members across several sporting disciplines. It aims to highlight young sporting personalities from the city as well as those enrolled in the University. The award includes access to the University’s state of the art training facilities and coaches. Most importantly, there are four separate cash awards. If you represent Plymouth University in collegiate tournaments you are awarded £1000. An award of £3000 is given to candidates who demonstrate a potential to compete at the national level. For those candidates who compete at both the national and international level an award of £6000. Finally, students who are not committed to sports full-time but who represent the country at a national and international level receive £9000.


In addition to the scholarship application form, candidates applying for the scholarship must submit a letter from the national governing body of the sporting discipline. This letter should be an endorsement or reference on your behalf. A sports portfolio is also required.

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