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James Douglas Hearnshaw - Marjorie Hearnshaw scholarship

General information on this award / prize

James Douglas Hearnshaw
Marjorie Hearnshaw scholarship
Other limitation: 
students who are residents in the Tees Valley

General Description

The Teesside University offers the Marjorie Hearnshaw scholarship to support low income students from Tees Valley. A cash award of £3000 (currently about 3750 euro) will be provided for the first year of study


These scholarships are open to new entrants on an undergraduate course taught at the Teesside University paying a minimum of £7950 (currently about 9940 euro) a year. The household income of applicants must be between £12500 and £25000. Candidates are required to be Tees Valley residents coming from either England or the EU only; students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are excluded. .

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.