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Nottingham Trent University - NTU student progression discount

General information on this award / prize

Nottingham Trent University
NTU student progression discount
Other limitation: 
students who progress directly from one course to the next course with no gap.

General Description

Current NTU students who wish to study the Graduate Diploma in Law full-time, the Legal Practice Course part-time or full-time, or the Bar Professional Training Course will be eligible for receiving a deduction off tuition fees that values £1,000 that equals 10% discount. Applicants are allowed also to apply for a scholarship, but in this case it will not exceed £2,000 and the international students applying for LLM Oil, Gas and Mining Law full-time can receive up to £3,000. The deduction off tuition fees will be applied before enrollment and it will be applied after scholarships in case you have applied for one. Those who was awarded any bursary, scholarship or fee reduction from the university will have the maximum amount not exceeding more than half the tuition fees.


Only students who pass automatically from a course to another without gapping will be eligible for the scholarship. Applicants must be current NTU undergraduate students who are studying at Clifton campus, Brackenhurst campus of City site. They must choose to study any of the full-time Masters courses through Nottingham Law School. There should not be a gap between the year of graduation and the start of Masters course. Sponsored students from their employers whether fully or partially will not be eligible for the scholarship. This Scheme is available for International, UK and EU students.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.