Grants and Loans in Italy

Country: Italy

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Grants and Loans in Italy

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Grants are quite common in Italy. The government believes in supporting the Italian community with ample opportunity of studying and believes to make education accessible for everyone. This makes grants quite common in Italy.

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Funding for your studies in Italy

University of Milan (Milan/Italy) Scholarships for Students with disabilities421€ / 12 months
University of Macerata (Macerata/Italy) Partial fees exemption for the staff on duty at the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activitiesns / 72 months
Kore University of Enna (Enna/Italy) Fee reduction "Se sei meritevole, hai meno problemi con l'UKE"ns / 72 months
University of Parma (Parma/Italy) University Benefitsns / 72 months
EDiSU Pavia Special contibution108€ / 72 months
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Funding for studying a year / a semester abroad

University of Milan (Milan/Italy) Prize of study "Clementina Gatti"4000€ / once
CIDiS Grants for language courses abroad for Students of University of Insubria1200€ / once
University of Ferrara (Ferrara/Italy) Mobility Scholarships selection "Passaggio in Europa - type B"ns / 4 months
Formodena Mobility Scholarships selection "Passaggio in Europa - type A"ns / 4 months
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