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Bishop Grosseteste University - Access to Learning Fund

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Bishop Grosseteste University
Access to Learning Fund
Other limitation: 
Students with children (especially lone parents) Mature students (especially those with existing financial commitments, including priority debts) Students from low income families Disabled students (especially where a DSA is unable to meet particular costs and the University has no legal responsibil

General Description

The Bishop Grosseteste University offers bursaries through the “Access to Learning Fund.” It is granted on a needs basis to help undergraduate or postgraduate students with financial difficulties access and stay in university. Prospective applicants must meet some residency requirements. Mature students, those with children, persons with disabilities, and those who are homeless are given priority though other students may meet eligibility requirements. You can apply to access the benefit at any time during the academic year.


You must provide evidence of you financial situation by ensuring that you fill out all areas of the application form. You must be naturalized or born citizen of the UK who has lived in the country for three years before commencing studies. You must be studying at least 50% of a full-time course. Students from overseas or the EU who can get tuition fee support are not eligible candidates for this fund.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.