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University of Bradford - Support for Students with Dependants

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University of Bradford
Support for Students with Dependants

General Description

The government offers financial support to students at the University of Bradford who have dependants. The two programmes available are the Parents’ Learning Allowance and the Adult Dependant Grant. The first one offers a maximum of £1,523, while the later offers a maximum of £2,668. Students who pay for registered childcare may be eligible to receive 85% of the cost incurred in childcare through the Childcare grant. The childcare grant pays a maximum of £150.23 per week for one child or £257.55 per week for two or more children. Students with children can also claim child tax credit. Students with dependants who qualify to receive means-tested benefits - such as loan parents - will receive a Special Support Grant from the government instead of the Maintenance Grant. The two grants are the same, but students on the Special Support Grant have access to the maximum value of student maintenance loan.


Applicants must have children or adult dependants. They must also be currently enrolled in a course at the university.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.