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Cartellverband der katholischen Studentenverbindung - Felix Porsch–Johannes Denk–Stiftung

General information on this grant / loan

Cartellverband der katholischen Studentenverbindung
Felix Porsch–Johannes Denk–Stiftung
Contact Person: 
Dr. jur. Peter-Herbert Frank

General Description

The Catholic Student Association supports the Felix Porsch John's Brain Foundation to help needy students and academics, who are in a professional and / or family emergency. The aim of the foundation is to support young scientists and requiring academics and students to provide support to complete the training. The support of the Foundation is in the form of an interest-free loan, for example, in cases where the student does not receive any student financial assistance services. The loan is to enable the student to the end of his training, but can also be made for one or two semesters abroad. The repayment plan is agreed taking into account the performance after graduation and the personal circumstances of the borrower. The repayment of the loan start after graduation and paid in monthly installments.


The promotion is targeted at needy students and academics from all disciplines. The Foundation supports needy students and academics who find themselves in an emergency situation and their education can not finance alone or on state aids. There are no personal requirements.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.