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Grupo Santander - Masters Scholarships

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Grupo Santander
Masters Scholarships

General Description

There will be at least three Master Scholarships that each of them values £5,000 annually. It will be presented for full-time taught postgraduate students at the Chester. These Scholarships will be awarded on the base of academic merit to the graduates of institutions in Santander Universities network in the United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain or Latin American. Scholarships will be offered as a deduction in the tuition fees. The university may reserves the right of reducing the value of Masters Scholarship if the holder have partial or full scholarship from another source. If the financial situation of a scholar changes after receiving the award, the award might be reconsidered from the university.


Students must have accepted the offer of admission to a full-time, one year taught postgraduate programme in any of the subjects. Students must also be on admission to Chester University and to be a graduate of any of the eligible institutions.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.