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University of South Wales - Royal Society of Chemistry Scholarships Available

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University of South Wales
Royal Society of Chemistry Scholarships Available
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Must hold a degree relevant to chemistry teaching

General Description

The Department of Education and the University of South Wales offers 130 scholarships for teacher trainees. Each scholarship is worth £20,000. As well as the financial award successful applicants also get other benefits. This includes Royal Society Of Chemistry membership for 2 years, networking with RSCmentors, local meetings, online communities, and annual conferences. The scholarship holder also has access to RSC materials, lab coats and more.


Applicants with masters or PHD chemistry degrees, or a subject knowledge enhancement course, are eligible to apply for this scholarship. They must also have secured a training place on an eligible PGCE or School Direct chemistry course. And they must be considered a "home" student.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: