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Kore University of Enna (Enna/Italy) - Fee reduction "Diamo un valore alle pari opportunità"

General information on this grant / loan

Kore University of Enna (Enna/Italy)
Fee reduction "Diamo un valore alle pari opportunità"

General Description

University of Enna "Koré" grants support to students who bear disabilities. Those students will be exempted with 50% of enrolling fees.


Students whith proven invalidity of 66% or worst can apply. Legal terms must be meet. This exemption is valid for first academic year only. Students can deserve a renewal of this partial exemption if they earn at least 2/3 of the expected credits yeach academic year. Students out-of-course and repeaters can't apply. This benefit is additional to any other Scholarship. It is not cumulative, however, with further Scholarships for registration purposes. If it is the case, the most favorable condition will be applied to the student. Both students with motorial and sensorial disabilities can apply.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.