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The Thouron Award - The Thouron Award

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The Thouron Award
The Thouron Award
Eligible countries: 
United States

General Description

The Thouron Award is an exchange fellowship. It helps graduates of UK universities do postgraduate degrees at the University of Pennsylvania. It also helps graduates of the University of Pennsylvania to a postgraduate degree in the UK. Up to 10 awards are given to UK students each year and six awards to US students. UK students get USD $30,800 per year to go to the US. US students get up to £16,275 to come to the UK.


Applicants from the US must be a current or recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania. They must also be US citizens. Applicants from the UK must be British citizens. They must also be a current graduate of a UK university. UK applicants cannot already be in the US when they apply.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: