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Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation - Daiwa Scholarship

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Daiwa Anglo Japanese Foundation
Daiwa Scholarship
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General Description

The Daiwa Scholarship is a 19-month programme of language study, work and home stay in Japan. It is provided by the Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation. They want to create conditions for better intercultural understanding. The programme begins with Japanese language learning for 1-12 months, with the last month spent out of Tokyo with a family in order to get a better grasp of Japanese culture and language. Scholars can also expect weekly seminars about the country, life and society. There are also work placements. The Daiwa Scholarship offers paid tuition and examination fees. Accommodation and living costs are covered by maintenance grant. Scholars get economy-class tickets to travel to and from Japan at the beginning and end of the course. For the first couple of weeks students are provided a hotel room. During that time they should find permanent accommodation. The Foundation also provides standard medical insurance for all scholars.


All young and talented UK citizens are welcomed to apply. In order to be eligible they must be scientists, artists, academics, lawyers or architects. Applicants are not expected to have any Japanese culture or language experience. They must be between 21 and 35 years old and have either a strong degree in any subject, or a record of high achievement.

Application deadlines

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