Grant / loan for studying abroad

Public Benefit Foundation - Lilian Voudouri

General information on this grant / loan

Public Benefit Foundation
Lilian Voudouri

General Description

There will be up to 20 available scholarships or abroad 1 year with the possibility of extending the duration for extra year in case the two-year program for the pre-doctoral postgraduate level is in Humanities, Social Science, Medicine Physical & Biological Science or Technological Science. The amount will be 9.000 € per year over three installments and it will be 3.000 € per year for studies abroad.


Candidates must be original Greeks. They must be holding a Bachelor Degree in Greek with at least 8.50. They have to be proficient in the country’s language they wish to study. They shouldn’t have both their and their parents sufficient financial means to resume their studies.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: