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City of Graz - Scholarship for studies abroad

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City of Graz
Scholarship for studies abroad
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All countries are eligible

General Description

The City of Graz supports (subject to approval of the Senate) two scholarships for studies abroad for visual artists (painting, graphics, sculpture, object art, media and net art). One of these two scholarships is converted into a scholarship for filmmakers. The aim is to offer an opportunity to Grazer filmmakers to make international contacts in countries of their artistic preference. This will in turn give the opportunity to develop projects of return visits. Documentaries and art films are preferred. Time frame as well as target or country of origin are flexible and are decided jointly by the artists and the awarding institutions. The total financial envelope amounts to € 5.000,00 each.


This call is open to visual artists active in the field of painting, graphics, sculpture, object art, media or net art and filmmakers who are active in the City of Graz. Candidates agree to present the results of their work to the public within one year after receiving the award or to write a comprehensive activity report.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: