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University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship

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University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship

General Description

The Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship is open to outstanding students from the EU (inluding the Netherlands). The value of this award is 10,000 Euro per annum, to contribute to tuition fees and maintenance. The continuation of this scholarship is dependent on academic progression. It may continue for two years, and can only be used for a masters degree in Life Sciences, Gravitation Astroparticle Physics (GRAPPA) or Sustainability-the Molecular Approach.


Students must meet the application requirements of one of the aforementioned master degrees. Students must be in the top 10% of their class, with results of at least a 3.5 (GPA American system), 1st class honours / upper division British system, 8+ (Dutch EC-system). Furthermore, students must be able to comply with the conditions to obtain a Dutch visa (if applicable) and meet the English language requirements of the Faculty of Science.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: