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Koepon Stichting - Koepon stipendia for MSc

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Koepon Stichting
Koepon stipendia for MSc

General Description

Stichting Koepon (The Koepon Foundation) offers stipend to students wishing to follow the 2-year MSc course in Animal Sciences. Koepon is a word play on the dutch words for 'cow' and 'coupon' and best translated ''cowpon". It also offers funds to students who wish to spend 3-9 months for research training at the Department of Animal Sciences. For the short stay, only travel costs are covered. For the 2-yeas MSc course, the stipend covers travel and living costs. These stipends are generally sufficient to cover all of a student's costs.


Students must apply for the MSc course in Animal Sciences at Wageningen University seperately. Requirements for the short stay funding are: The student is registered with an approved university or polytechnical school. Students who are not registered also may apply, but in that case applicants should provide proof of their qualities.A study programme must be agreed to by the student and Wageningen University.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: