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FUNED (Mexico) - Orange Tulip Scholarship Mexico – FUNED

General information on this grant / loan

FUNED (Mexico)
Orange Tulip Scholarship Mexico – FUNED
Other limitation: 
Previous/current employment: At least one year of work experience

General Description

The Mexican Foundation for Education, Science and Technology fund a scholarship for Masters in economic-administrative, engineering, law and business in general. These are loans to pay the tuition fees, and can be up to 20,000 US Dollars annually for up to 2 years. This may not exceed 40% of the tuition fees. After finishing studies, the students have 6 months grace, then they have a period of 6 years to pay off their debts.


To be eligible, students must be Mexican by birth or naturalization and have a professional degree in a relevant field. In addition, proof of knowledge of a second language should be submitted.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: