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The province of Salzburg - Soucek-Stipendium Paris

General information on this scholarship

The province of Salzburg
Soucek-Stipendium Paris
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Place of main residence: Bundesland Salzburg, Austria

General Description

The Soucek-Stipendium is a grant awarded by the province of Salzburg to finance a two-month stay of a graphic artist in Paris, France, with the purpose of learning new methods and techniques at Michael Woolworth´s printing studio. The sum of 3000 euro will be allocated to this end.


Candidates must submit 10 to 20 graphic works, spanning all possible printing techniques. An artistic curriculum vitae detailing previous and current exhibitions and projects is also required. This call is only open to natives or permanent residents (for at least five years before the application date) of the Bundesland Salzburg, Austria.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: