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Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia (Pavia/Italy) - Ghislieri College Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia (Pavia/Italy)
Ghislieri College Scholarship

General Description

The Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia has convened a public contest to select students for the Ghislieri College. The students who achieve the best results will be admitted to the College.


This contest is open to students of the University of Pavia who have achieved a grade of at least 80/100 in the secondary school closing examinations ("Esame di Stato"), as well as a GPA of at least 27/30 for their current degree studies; all their university exam grades to date must be equal of higher than 24/30. To secure a place in the college, candidates must achieve a mark of 75/80 in the admission contest. .

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: