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The Anglo-Danish Society - Anglo Danish Society Awards

General information on this scholarship

The Anglo-Danish Society
Anglo Danish Society Awards
Eligible countries: 
United Kingdom, Denmark

General Description

Projects that has relation with making use of specific opportunities of education existing between UK and Denmark, contributing to the interchange between Denmark and UK cultures or have a relevance to present issues in one either or both countries will be preferred. Applicants who also clarify why he/she has chosen this University stating particular advantages will be more preferred. The recent awards were made for some subjects including architecture, engineering, music, energy conservation, design, fine arts, international relations, social anthropology and development studies.


To assure that the application can be accepted, make sure that only the completed budget form and the two recent references in English are sent. Any applications received after the date of 1st of March of the academic year will not be accepted. Applicants should make sure that the costs are already estimated realistically, the applicant should also have a plan showing how can it be covered. Applications with less than a full academic year will have to show how it fits with the border academic aim. The society should be kept up to date with any change of address/phone number/e-mail or any decision regarding to proceeding with the study of the course.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: