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Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) - Chemistry teacher training scholarships

General information on this scholarship

Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
Chemistry teacher training scholarships

General Description

The Royal Society of Chemistry has a scholarship and a standard training bursary available to Chemistry trainees. The scholarship is worth £25,000 and includes support from the Royal Society during and after training. Other beneficiaries of the training bursary will receive funding depending on the class of degree as follows: £20,000 for a first class degree; £15,000 for a 2:1 and £12,000 for a 2:2. The scholarship is merit based. 130 scholarships are awarded annually.


Candidates should be chemistry trainees with a degree. Chemistry trainees with a first class or 2:1 degree, Masters or PhD are eligible to apply for the £25,000 scholarship.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: