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Northumbria University - Academic Scholarship for South Korea, Asia

General information on this scholarship

Northumbria University
Academic Scholarship for South Korea, Asia

General Description

Many students from South Korea in Asia study currently at Northumbria University. They are enrolled on various programmes, of which most popular are Business with Management, Education Studies, Computing, Engineering, Information Sciences, Health, Mechanical Engineering, Strategic Marketing and many others. The most brilliant of them have the right to apply for an International Academic Scholarship. This allowance is based on the student’s performance in his or her educational path so far. Whether they will be granted this scholarship or not depends on a few factors, such as their average grades, individual subject grades, the kind and level of obtained qualifications and the type of institution where they previously studied. The amount of an allowance is £2,000 or £1,500, based on a student’s educational performance and general results achieved in their earlier stages of education.Requirements

All students from South Korea, as well as all international students, who wish to apply for an International Academic Scholarship must fulfil three conditions. To start with, they need to have an overseas fee status. Furthermore, they should be self-funding students. And lastly, they must study on a full-time course.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.