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Interdisciplinary Arts Faculty - Humanities Research Fund

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Interdisciplinary Arts Faculty
Humanities Research Fund

General Description

This funding is available to a range of activities within the relevant departments. This may include a contribution of up to £2000 towards kick-starting new, innovative research projects. Alternatively, a contribution of up to 500 Pound Sterling may be made to travel costs to conferences where department members are giving a paper. Also, a contribution up to 500 Pound Sterling may be made towards publications. This includes translation costs, copyright fees, illustrations and in some circumstances, subventions, but not indexing costs. Applications from staff who are unable to secure funding for this purpose from other internal or external funding sources will be considered. Impact activities aimed at supporting a broad range of knowledge transfer activities which result in economic and social benefit to the UK may receive up to 15,000 Pounds Sterling. Existing studies which have not been able to secure (on-going) funding from external parties may receive a modest support. Membership of key societies/associations may be supported with an amount of up to 500 Pound Sterling.


Applications will only be accepted from members of the Faculty of Arts and members of the Centre for Research in Philosophy, Literature and the Arts. Doctoral and Masters by Research students can only apply for conference travel and publication funding. Applicants should provide a clear budget in their applications. For research projects, the researcher must intend to seek external funding in order to be considered. Applications for conference travel support must include clear information regarding the conference, the benefits of attending and the paper itself and should include an abstract. Existing research applications must have been A-rated by external funding bodies but have not received any funding, or have received funding from external bodies but on such a reduced level as to seriously jeopardise the research.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: