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Interdisciplinary Arts Faculty - IATL Student as Producer Fund: Performance Grants

General information on this scholarship

Interdisciplinary Arts Faculty
IATL Student as Producer Fund: Performance Grants

General Description

Performance Grants are issued by the Interdisciplinary Arts Faculty (IATL). They have a maximum value of 200 Pound Sterling. They must be cover technical costs for a performance. This may include expert consulting on technical issues. It may also be used for Creating a public performance and developing a script through workshops and rehearsed readings. Technical assistance; costumes, props, sets; publicity required to support the performance element are also accepted expenses. The grants are available to both undergraduates and postgraduate students. Rehearsal space is provided.


Students are expected to submit a final project report in the term following completion of the project. This can be done using virtually all media, as long as it's suitable for posting to the IATL's website. All applications should include a timescale using milestones and deadlines, as well as realistic and detailed activities, aims and approaches, intended project outcomes and a detailed budget. Furthermore, the project must meet IATL's working principles.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: