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National Health Services - Midwifery  – HHMBS/HHMED

General information on this scholarship

National Health Services
Midwifery  – HHMBS/HHMED

General Description

Most midwifery degree students at UK universities do not have to pay tuition fees. So long as they meet the requirements the fee is paid for by the National Health Service (NHS). Other financial help is available in the form of a bursary. It is means tested and has different rules. As a result not as many students qualify. Those that do can also apply for student loans at a lower rate than normal.


Only full-time midwifery students can apply to get their tuition fees paid. Plus they must be from the UK or the EU. Bursaries, however, are only available to UK students.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.