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Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford - Snell Exhibition

General information on this scholarship

Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford
Snell Exhibition
Eligible countries: 
United Kingdom

General Description

If you are a graduate of the University of Glasgow, or are close to graduation, and Balliol College is your first and definite choice for a higher degree, the Mathematical Institute and the University of Oxford offer you Snell Exhibition Scholarships. They are worth £2,500 annually for 3 years. All applicants who are eligible must also apply for a SAAS award, Research Council Award, or any other Oxford University scholarship for which they are eligible.


Applicants must be graduates of the University of Glasgow. These scholarships are normally awarded to applicants of Balliol, or at least to those who are considered to have made a firm choice to seek a higher degree at the Balliol College.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: