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Erwin Wenzl Prize Club - Erwin Wenzl Prize

General information on this scholarship

Erwin Wenzl Prize Club
Erwin Wenzl Prize
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Place of main residence or study: Bundesland Oberösterreich, Austria.

General Description

Erwin Wenzl prize is annually awarded in spring.

The idea of Erwin Wenzel prize was born in 1995, on the 75th birthday of premier Erwin Wenzel.

The prize is given annually to the oustanding Upper Austrians, both males and females.

Award's equal distribution between pupils, University graduates and apprenticeship graduates is what makes this award one of a kind in Austria.


To be considered for this prize, applicants must be Upper Austria citizens. The award is given to outstanding pupils, university graduates and apprenticeship graduates.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: