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University of Graz (Graz/Austria) - Support for internships abroad

General information on this scholarship

University of Graz (Graz/Austria)
Support for internships abroad
Eligible countries: 
All countries are eligible

General Description

Students of the University of Graz have the possibility to receive a one-time internship subsidy. Eligible facilities are companies / organizations (including universities) abroad who work in the public or private sector, regardless of size, type of company and business.


Internship duration must be at least 1 month. It has to be a full-time internship. The application for approval of a course of practice has to be approved by the competent recognition organ at the University of Graz before the placement begins, in which the internship is recognized as vocational practice, as subject-specific practice or as a useful addition to the study (voluntary internship). Students may not take any further mobility scholarship in claim for the same period of eligibility.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.