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Austrian Study Grant Authority - Federal Aid for Students - Grant for Semester Abroad

General information on this scholarship

Austrian Study Grant Authority
Federal Aid for Students - Grant for Semester Abroad

General Description

The Federal Aid for students in Austria was introduced in the 60s, in order to create possibility for children who come from families with lower incomes, to start an academic careers. Study abroad grant is in the amount of a maximum of 582 Euros a month. The exact amount depends on costs of living and studying in the respective country. Awarded can also receive financial support for language course and a travel allowence. Study abroad grants are awarded in two ways: first, through extension of eligibility for study grants for the period of study abroad but by no longer than four semesters; secondly, through additional supportive measures such as grants for study abroad, including travel cost allowance and subsidies for language courses. Grant is given for a minimus of 3 months (maximum period duration of receiving the award is 20 months).


This scholarship is intended for students who have interest in studying abroad. It is given to students who come from families with lower incomes. In order to apply for this scholarship, students should have completed one diploma exam or one doctoral exam. Students studying at University of Applied Sciences and students from Bachelor programme are required to complete 2 semesters before applying for this scholarship.

Application deadlines

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