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Open University (Lisbon/Portugal) - Financial support for students

General information on this scholarship

Open University (Lisbon/Portugal)
Financial support for students

General Description

The allocation of the allowance to the student is a reduction or exemption of tuition fees for one academic year without automatic renewal, so it falls to the student within the registration or renewal, making the respective application. The students who renew the grant application, which has received the same in the previous academic year, have yet to be passed by at least 50% of the course units which corresponded to the award of the grant.


The allowance is aimed at any enrolled student in a course of the first cycle (bachelor) or second cycle (master) of the UAB, who is resident in Portugal, does not hold a first degree or equivalent (for students of first cycle) or a master's degree or equivalent (for students of the second cycle). In addition, students must not exceed an overall annual gross income equivalent to 24 times national minimum wage value; and a gross annual income per capita less than 12 times the national minimum wage. Furthermore the amount of monthly income from housing, banking or monthly charge must be less than the national minimum wage.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.