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Portuguese Military Academy (Lisbon/Portugal) - Financial support for Cadet Students

General information on this scholarship

Portuguese Military Academy (Lisbon/Portugal)
Financial support for Cadet Students
Other limitation: 
To be single.

General Description

Accommodation and food at public expense, articles of uniforms and medical care, medication and hospital care, according to the legislation. Remuneration with a salary of € 150.74 in the first year; of € 188.43 in Year 2; of € 226.11 in Year 3; € 301.48 for the 4th Year; € 753.71 for the 5th year; € 1,456.83 in Year 6; and € 1,622.78 in the 7th year. Exemption from payment of tuition fees and enrollment. Normal school holiday periods (Christmas, Carnival, Easter and Summer).


School publications are necessary to study the matters contained in the plans of study, provided that produced by the Graphic Section of the Military Academy. Social support in the same conditions enjoyed by officers.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.