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University of the Azores (Ponta Delgada/Portugal) - Conceição Louro Scholarship

General information on this scholarship

University of the Azores (Ponta Delgada/Portugal)
Conceição Louro Scholarship

General Description

The University of the Azores features the Conception Bay scholarship program that intends to help out students who need financial support to pursue a degree or research activities within the University. The award of these scholarships is possible thanks to a protocol between the University and Engineer Armindo Louro.


Students that benefit from this scholarship award are eligible starting with their first year of study, as long as they provide proof of financial distress within the household. Students that are part of the Special Education Needs program are also eligible for this financial support.

Besides distress, the condition for awarding this scholarship to students enrolled in the second or third years of study is to average at least 17 points during their first year of study.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.