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Lourinhã Municipality - Higher Education Scholarship for students living in Lourinhã

General information on this scholarship

Lourinhã Municipality
Higher Education Scholarship for students living in Lourinhã
Other limitation: 
To live in Lourinhã.

General Description

The municipality of Lourinha seeks the development of their young. In special student with financial difficulties that prevents to keep their studies. And, according to the powers of the Authority under the municipal development and with regard to education and teaching each year awards scholarships to its residents. These supports are reflected in assigning a monetary value to the variable provision of higher education students. Applications for scholarships must be delivered during the months of September and October each year. The scholarships have duration of the school year in accordance with the school calendar. They may be renewed for successive periods and equal to the overall completion of the course. Each student may only be supported maximum of 6 academic years.


Interested students should submit registration certificate attesting to admission to the course. Certificate of academic achievement obtained in the last school year attended. Disclaimer provided by the county of Lourinha. The student must present an attestation of gross income earned by the household in the year prior to the application calendar year, or statement of exemption issued by the tax office. Demonstrative statement issued by the competent authority, in stating the amount of the allowance should be presented, along with an indication of the beginning and end of this situation in a situation of any of the members of the household unemployment. To active workers, dispensing with the IRS and the absence of presentation of proof of monthly income is imputed income equivalent to the national minimum wage. Applicants must sign a waiver of liability for the accuracy of the information provided and delivered documents.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.