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CVVI - Scholarship KIC InnoEnergy

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Scholarship KIC InnoEnergy

General Description

KIC InnoEnergy is a research organization that operates mainly in Europe. It offers to a postgraduates and doctorals a special program to expand the practical and theoretical skills in eco-energy and eco-innovation. KIC InnoEnergy also financially supports eco-innovation projects that have a high potential to attract success in the EU market environment. KIC has a total of 27 partners involved in the teaching and practice of KIC students. This is how the leading technical universities and research centers connects together for ecological purposes.


The scholarships offered by KIC InnoEnergyare available for all students graduated from secondary vocational school of electrical and energy courses who are interested in further study of university at any electrical or energy course or students of bachelor's, master's or doctoral courses in electrical or energy engineering faculties of universities. Age limits do not exist.

Application deadlines

We currently do not have any information on the deadline.