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Panagiotis Triantafillidis - Panagiotis Triantafillidis Scholarships

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Panagiotis Triantafillidis
Panagiotis Triantafillidis Scholarships

General Description

Call for tenders for the granting of five (5) scholarships to graduates of the country of origin of the Peloponnese without competition by selection on the basis of the degree of Bachelor for postgraduate studies abroad, universities in the country, against the income of the bequest "PAN. TRIANTAFILLIDI. Preferred in all cases are graduates of the Agricultural and Veterinary Schools. Clarified that candidates who are graduates of these schools (Agricultural and Veterinary) precede the other candidates in the evaluation table, provided of course that they have the skills required, followed by graduates of other faculties of the Universities of the country with the highest per number Bachelor degree. The duration of the scholarship is limited to one (1) year, depending on the program of study, if sufficient funds and the course of study is very good. The amount of the scholarship is three hundred and fifty (350) Euro per month and the payment of the scholarship starts from the beginning of their studies academic year and will expire one (1) year later, depending on the curriculum.


Applications should contain information stating the institution of study, place of origin, residence address, telephone (fixed and mobile) and e-mail address (if available).

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: