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Arthur und Aenne Feindt-Stiftung - Stipendien für Doktoranden

General information on this scholarship

Arthur und Aenne Feindt-Stiftung
Stipendien für Doktoranden
Contact Person: 
Frau Regina Franzen

General Description

The Arthur and Aenne Feindt Foundation has been established to foster research and science in the area of securing the livelihood of human beings. Therefore the foundation grants scholarships to qualified and skilled Doctorate students, conducting research in that field. The amount and maximum duration of support are to be announced.


Doctorate students of all departments may apply for this program. The thematic scope is on research conducted in the areas of energy supply, nutrition and socially fair housing. Therefore especially students enrolled in one of the following disciplines may be considered: Nature sciences, social sciences, politics, biology, nutrition studies, medical biology, veterinarian studies, human biology, technological biology, agriculture and forestry. Students can apply during all stages of their Doctorate studies.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: