Scholarship for studying abroad

Fulbright Kommission - Reisestipendium für Studierende

General information on this scholarship

Fulbright Kommission
Reisestipendium für Studierende
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k. A.
Eligible countries: 
United States

General Description

The German-American University Partnership program is awarding German students with full or part scholarship that are intended for the completion of an academic year in the United States. As a part of Travel scholarship program, transatlantic travel costs in height of 1350 Euros are covered. This travel scholarship should cover the cost of travel to the American place of study and costs of traveling back to Germany. In addition to that, the awarded students will receive Mobility allowance in the height of 300 Euros. They will also receive a refund for any additional costs, such as medical insurance and costs of visa application in the height of 650 Euros.


Students from study programmes that are completed with diploma, master, or state exam, have to be at least in the 7th semester of their studies when they start their studies in USA. Students from Master programme can apply at any time of their studies. Undergraduates have to earn their degree before the start of staying abroad. The awarded students will also be required to participate in a seminar related to personal and academic preparations for their stay in USA.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: