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Universität Kassel - Otto-Braun-Fonds zur Förderung des künstlerischen Nachwuchses

General information on this scholarship

Universität Kassel
Otto-Braun-Fonds zur Förderung des künstlerischen Nachwuchses
Contact Person: 
Frau Zahnwetzer

General Description

  Every year, the Otto Braun Fund awards scholarships to fund end-of-degree works by highly qualified artists studying at the University of Kassel. Each scholarship is endowed with 520 euro per month and will be granted for a maximum of six months.


These scholarships are open to all students of the University of Kassel´s School of Art. Applications must be submitted before the end of degree work is registered at the University. Grants will be awarded on the basis of the academic performance of applicants to date and the quality of their previous work, which will be assessed through samples provided by the candidates themselves. The age limit for applicants is 30 years; it will extended at a ratio of one year per child when the applicant has children.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: