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Hans-und-Eugenia-Jütting-Stiftung - Stipendien für die postgraduale Weiterbildung

General information on this scholarship

Stipendien für die postgraduale Weiterbildung
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Place of main residence:Stendal

General Description

The Hans-and Eugenia-Jütting-Foundation awards scholarships to graduates from any discipline of Universities of Applied Sciences and Universities, who have completed the majority of their scholastic education in the city or the district of Stendal. The scholarships will be paid monthly and are allocated in the amounts of 550 Euros for a domestic study course and 750 Euros per month for a study abroad. The promotion will be paid for the period of one year. An extension is possible, provided that the appropriate resources are available. In this way, particularly gifted students will be given the opportunity to further develop their qualifications postgraduate in selected scientific institutions or universities.


This promotion is aimed at students of all disciplines who are seeking a postgraduate degree. Included are dissertations or PhDs, as well as the completion of a Master's program. Purpose of the foundation is the promotion of the academically gifted. Scholarships are therefore only awarded to candidates who have shown above-average knowledge and ability. The special gift has to demonstrated by school and university certificates or substantiated scientific letters of recommendation, especially written by University professors. At least half the time required for the acquisition of the higher education entrance must have been spent in the district of Stendal.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: