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Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung - Walther-Rathenau-Kolleg

General information on this scholarship

Contact Person: 
Frau Dr. Elke-Vera Kotowski

General Description

The FDP-affiliated Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is one of the twelve nation-wide German scholarship programmes. The Walther-Rathenau-programme supports doctoral students at German universities. The scholarship amounts to 1.050,00 EUR per month. In addition, a fee of 100,00 EUR will be paid for research costs per month. The scholarship is awarded for a period of two years. After two years, the scholarship may be renewed for a maximum of one year. In addition to financial support, participation in the study programme and the courses of the graduate programme is connected to the scholarship.


The Walther-Rathenau-programme is aimed at PhD students in the fields of history, Jewish studies, cultural, literary, political, legal, social and economic sciences. Application may be made only before the start of the promotion. The doctoral supervisors are placed here by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. The promotion can occur at one of three participating universities (Humboldt University Berlin, Free University of Berlin and University of Potsdam). To obtain the scholarship, proof of above average study and academic performance must be rendered. In addition, candidates must have demonstrated social commitment, e.g. at the university (student council, university committees, political student organisation), in a liberal party, in social institutions, associations or initiatives (e.g. culture, sport, social, municipal, human rights, international exchange, etc.). Additionally, suitability of character is necessary in terms of a liberal understanding of values.

Application deadlines

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