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Stadt Nürnberg - Stiftung für Bildung und Unterricht und Stiftung Lokalstudienfonds

General information on this scholarship

Stadt Nürnberg
Stiftung für Bildung und Unterricht und Stiftung Lokalstudienfonds
Contact Person: 
Frau Petra Paulus
Other limitation: 
Place of main residence:Nürnberg

General Description

The city of Nuremberg awards annual scholarships to students. The Foundation for Education and Teaching and the Local Study Fund Foundation sponsor talented and needy young students. The funding amount is currently unknown.


This scholarship is open to students of all disciplines and all desired degrees. Applicants should be financially needy. Adequate examination performance must have been provided in the previous course of study. Preferably young students will be selected. Applicants must also be residents of the City of Nuremberg at the time of application. This condition is neither fulfilled by a temporary stay in the city nor by moving to the city due to taking up the the study course.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.