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Urban,- Brigitte- und Johannes-Goll-Stiftung - Stipendien für Studierende

General information on this scholarship

Urban,- Brigitte- und Johannes-Goll-Stiftung
Stipendien für Studierende
Contact Person: 
Herr Markus Stein
Other limitation: 
Place of main residence:Bad Dürrheim

General Description

The goal of the Urban-, Brigitte- and John Goll Foundation is to support students from Bad Durrheim. Students should study a subject in the fields of pedagogy, social pedagogy or theology. In this framework, scholarships are awarded. About duration and amount of support there are no details available.


This promotion is open to students of pedagogy, social pedagogy and theology. Eligible will be students who come from Bad Durrheim. An application may be made at any time of the study. There are no further requirements.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.