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TH Wildau - Stiftung zur Förderung Studierender der TH Wildau

General information on this scholarship

TH Wildau
Stiftung zur Förderung Studierender der TH Wildau
Contact Person: 
Uta Wildemann

General Description

The “Stiftung zur Förderung Studierender der TFH Wildau“ is directed at students who want to focus more on their study and to complete internships nationally and internationally. The funding amount depends on the individual student and their goals and will be determined in collaboration between the foundation and the board in accordance with the advisory board. Scholars come from all over the world, including China, Vietnam, Turkey, Poland, France, Russia and of course Germany.


Students who want to apply for a scholarship need to attend the TH Wildau and should promote open mindedness as well as have a strong attitude against xenophobia. Students from foreign countries are preferred, but German students are welcome as well.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: