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Deutsche Telekom Stiftung - FundaMINT-Stipendienprogramm für Lehramtsstudierende

General information on this scholarship

Deutsche Telekom Stiftung
FundaMINT-Stipendienprogramm für Lehramtsstudierende
Contact Person: 
Dr. Gudrun Tegeder

General Description

The Deutsche Telekom Stiftung supports teacher trainees in their main course with its FundaMINT-scholarship who are studying for at least 5 semesters. The funding period will be granted for 2 years and pay 670 Euros per month. In addition students get 150€ per month extra for their expenses. Teacher trainees will also be invited to seminars, yearly meet-ups and group mentoring in order to be better prepared for what’s to come in the teaching profession.


Applicable are all students in engineering courses who want to write a seminar paper or thesis at the Indian Institutes of Technology and can prove their academic achievements and be active in society which can be attested by a survey.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: