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Kunststoffinnovationen - Eliteförderung junger Wissenschaftler

General information on this scholarship

Eliteförderung junger Wissenschaftler
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k. A.

General Description

The Akademie Mitteldeutsche Kunststoffinnovationen awards promotional and habitation scholarships to young scientists who work on new objectives in science and research as well as research and technology transfer in the field of polymer and plastics technology. The funding comprises of an ideational and a material component. The academy awards scholarships in order to cover living expenses and onetime donations for dissertations, publication donations up to 250€ a year and donations for visiting congresses. It also promotes young scientists ideational for the visits of professional care.


Applications should be lodged by doctoral candidates and habilitants from the field of nature and engineering sciences who plan on doing a dissertation in this field or already done one. The funding is considered an elite promotion.

Application deadlines

Applications can be submitted at any time.