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Darmstädter Stiftung für Technologietransfer - Projektförderung praxisrelevanter und innovativer Ideen

General information on this scholarship

Darmstädter Stiftung für Technologietransfer
Projektförderung praxisrelevanter und innovativer Ideen
Contact Person: 
Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Ohrnberger

General Description

The “Darmstädter Stiftung für Technologietransfer” awards financial funding for people and institutions to support practice-relevant and new Ideas. Ideas in the context of master, diploma or PhD researches are funded which can be further developed into marketable technologies, products or services. The funding amounts to 15.000 EUR per year. Personnel costs and project related technical sources get funded. The project has to start within a year. The funding will be distributed for projects with small and medium companies up to a business formation. The funding requires the lodge of various reports with a presentation of the result. Recipients have to provide evidence of the application of the funds.


The scholarship is aimed at students of the TU Darmstadt and the Hochschule Darmstadt as well as employees and former employees of research institutions that have their office in Darmstadt. In addition, subject areas and other facilities of this university can apply. Innovative and practice-related ideas that can be developed into marketable products, services or technologies.

Application deadlines

The following deadlines apply: